Content Marketing

Let's face, we are now living in a world where 87% of people check their mobile devices every 15 minutes. Content Marketing is the new form of reaching your target market and creating that moment for your customer to do a call -to- action. It may be a sign up form, a purchase of a product, or simple creating awareness for a specific status update.

Content Marketing focuses on creating various artistic outlets to reach everyone. Someone might not react to a picture, but they may react to a video. Artistical Studios offers content marketing for various campaigns and various platforms. Artistical Studios will help you identify your companies overall goal and market, that successfully shows creative for your target market.

Artistical Studios helps business’ to come up with an effective marketing plan for each and every social network. We help you understand what audience you want to engage with; your content plan and editorial calendar; necessary resources; and how you’ll measure the success of that specific presence. Artistical Studios understands the popularity of Social Network sites, BUT most importantly at a minimum, we encourage small business’ to have a mobile strategy to ensure that consumers can access your WEBSITE from your social media location regardless of whether they’re using a computer, smartphone, or tablet.