Business often come to us with the question "Do I really need a website, I have a Facebook and other social network sites to market my company?" Artistical Studios Response: Websites are designed to act primarily as an online brochure to merely establish a necessary presence online to answer these questions:

1. Do you EXIST?
3. What you DO?

The importance of a business website is to allow you to set up a two-way information flow with your customers. A website will allow your customers WORLDWIDE to find out about your products easily and quickly, all the while being a cost-effective way for your business. It will ultimately save your business time and money if your consumer finds out information for themselves, BUT the consumer must know they will get what they need directly from your company website.

Finally one of the most important, a website will act as an COST-EFFECTIVE advertisement for your company. Almost all Social Media Networks today offer advertisement blocks for your business to purchase, though studies show consumers are only likely to click on an ad based on a recommendation from an acquaintance rather than a promotional block. But rather, have your Company showcase your business media in the form of a blog and video on your website, then distribute this content on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter in addition to social sharing.