Artistical Studios is your one stop online solution, we offer everything you need to get your business up and running effectively and efficiently.

The Internet has catapulted forward, transforming it from a source of recreation and information into a machine with incredible profit and cost savings potential. The best way to help you succeed is to help your customers succeed, we do our best thinking with your customers in mind. We aim to create effective and interactive campaigns that will serve to help brand and market your company, showcase your products and services, and inspire sales as a lead generating tool.

Social Media Content Marketing

E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

Website Design & Structure

Crowd-Funding Campaigns

Content Marketing

We come up with innovative creatives for marketing including videos, photography, infographics, and branding graphics for all social platforms and marketing campaigns.

Whether you are a small or large, business’ cannot ignore the significant impact of daily mobile use and mobile purchasing, especially given the fact that “85 percent of Americans surveyed said that mobile devices are a central part of their everyday lives, according to Salesforce.” With over 1 billion monthly active users using social sites like Facebook, it is the perfect platform for reaching a high volume of active buyers on the go.  Millions of people search online every day and are potential customers, you would never be able to achieve this in the offline world.

Content Marketing is the new form of reaching your target market and creating that moment for your customer to do a call -to- action. It may be a sign up form, a purchase of a product, or simple creating awareness for a specific status update.

E-Mail Marketing

We help you to understand why E-Mail Marketing is so important, including email list structure, campaigns, set-ups, and quick tips on how easy it is to structure subjects that fit your audience. 

Remember, an email subscriber is worth many times more than a social media subscriber. No other publishing or marketing tool gets right into people’s personal inboxes. You have way more control and You get to reach out to them on your schedule, instead of waiting on them to come looking for you. Providing your customers with relevant content and engaging them in a conversation about their needs will create a unique relationship with your brand.

E-Mail Marketing Campaigns includes creating unique and targeted emails; will show you how to organize your E-Mail List, establish relevant content for your audience, and set up a call to action for ROI.

Website Design

We specialize in all the latest technology including HTML5 and CSS3 in creating user-friendly, cross-browser compatible websites that are custom tailored around your budget.

The importance of a business website is to allow you to set up a two-way information flow with your customers. A website will allow your customers WORLDWIDE to find out about your products easily and quickly, all the while being a cost-effective way for your business. It will ultimately save your business time and money if your consumer finds out information for themselves, BUT the consumer must know they will get what they need directly from your company website.

A website will act as an COST-EFFECTIVE advertisement for your company. Will show you how to showcase your business media in the form of a blog and video on your website; then distribute this content on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter in addition to social sharing.

Crowd-Funded Campaigns

We help to create a full marketing strategy for your crowd-funded campaigns, including having three (3) successful Kickstarter Campaign raising over $40,000 for our clients.

Crowd-Funded campaigns are now in the billions, its where donations are sought in return for special rewards. That could mean free product or even a chance to be involved in designing the product or service. Best of all, the feedback can be reviewed in real-time. This can help you make the right adjustments faster than what it would have been in the past – which means getting your product to market as soon as possible.

A successful crowdfunding campaign not only provides your business with needed cash, but creates a base of customers who feel as though they have a stake in the business’ success. This will be the beginning of the sales structure for ROI.